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Demarcus Robinson

Chiefs Talk Only (CTO) Today, 12:58 AM
Yesterday was a crap day but how did yall think this young man did In his first start? He had one good catch in the game but what impressed me more was the two times he got separation from his man and created TD opportunities if Alex would have found him when in those great positions. ...
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Cam Erving

Chiefs Talk Only (CTO) Yesterday, 10:58 PM
When we got him, Veach specifically said Cleve misused him as a Guard.  He's not a Guard, he's a T, and backup C.   Guard is his worst position.   https://www.arrowhea...-for-cam-erving I was fine with the trade, as he has some ability, and it would be nice to have a decent sw...
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IF we get Pitts in the play-offs again!!!

Chiefs Talk Only (CTO) Yesterday, 09:16 PM
What would you do differently if you were Reid? I've seen people say Zombo should play instead of Dee Ford, I've seen people say we need to be more physical and run the ball more. I've seen people say we need to get back to basics and not try to be so "tricky". So what would yall do?   And y...
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Who should we trade/cut at the end of the season?

Chiefs Talk Only (CTO) Yesterday, 03:33 PM
Let's keep this thread for the entire season and see how it looks like when the final curtain is drawn   1. Gaines   Not just because of yesterday. I just don't think he's good enough for where we want to be tbh.     2. Smith   There's a 2nd round pick waiting for us her...
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Boycott not impacting Arrowhead crowds at all

The Locker Room Yesterday, 02:36 PM
Biggest crowd ever yesterday since renovation. F-15 fly over, riviettibg national anthem by Melissa Etheridge and just a generally festive atmosphere focused entirely on football. I'm sure #22 kneeled but it got no attention. i walked out upset about our run defense rather than anything not foot...
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