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Nutrisystem......from one who knows

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#1 wilkie


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Posted 14 May 2017 - 01:30 AM

I don't know what prompted me to post this except seeing a 62 year old Marie Osmond again looking like she is 40.   Anyway here is a living testament from a real life person who actually did go on Nutrisystem.


Back in 2008 I saw Nick Buonoconti and Dan Marino showing all the weight they had lost on Nutrisystem.  At that time I stood 6 foot 1 inch tall and weighed 215.   In my whole life I never ever ever went on much of a restricted diet except when I had my two heart attacks.  That convinced me that vegetables may not be so bad.    Anyway,  my best friend and I decided to go on Nutrisystem.   My first check was for $150.00 a one month supply of food.     Great choices.  Hamburger steak and French fries.    Ribeye.   Spaghetti.    Bacon and eggs.  All I had to do was check 30 days worth of boxes and the stuff came 3 days later.   And it did indeed.  Two boxes of all dry reconstituted food.   I mean DRY.   As in powdered.


A powdered hamburger patty.   All you had to do was add water to it and microwave it.   Man oh man.  Delicious.   Just like the real thing.   No bread of course but everything is served on lettuce.    The theory being if you eat enough crappy vegetables you won't complain about this stuff cause you will be too full.


So.....I was pretty good the first two weeks.   Lost 8 pounds.   Anyone will tell you that men pee out 10 to 12 pounds of water whenever they go on any diet.   I stopped drinking soda pop.....a major sacrifice on my part.   And I had the mid afternoon snack of crunch noodles and fake salsa.   I followed the diet pretty good for 3 weeks.


Then the reorder form came in the mail.   Well I was doing pretty good so I ordered a bunch of the same crap as before.  Only difference was.....my bill was $310.00 for the second month.   The $150 I paid for the first month was to entice me to continue.   So I paid em the new fee and waited for my next 30 days of meals. 


They came.   And it was the very same shit I had been eating for a month now.    And it didn't taste delicious anymore.     ANd it got old really fast not being able to go out and eat a real hot dog and drink a real beer.   And the delicious ribeye steak dinner with fake French fries had been substituted with powdered rib eye steak and BROCCOLI.   Broccoli,  the worst food ever produced on the face of the earth.


I started sneaking food....stopping by MacDonals on my way home from work and wolfing down a quarter pounder with cheese before I hit the driveway.    I felt guilty sneaking in a coke at 10:30  under the staircase of the courthouse where no one could see.


Any my weight loss had tapered off.   I was now  6 foot 1 inch   204 pounds.   Which means I had a 9 pound weight loss NET after 2 months.  And almost 80% of it was water.


So now we come to month #3.    Another $310.00.   And another month of dehydrogenated powdered meals.   Because I had spent so much money on this thing up to now  I forced myself to order about the same stuff I had ordered the last two months before.   Powdered beef potroast was one of the best.    Powdered pork chops may have been the worst.


Anyway at the end of three months I had netted a loss of 9 pounds at an out of pocket cost of $750.00.    And I got a bill in the mail asking me to select my meals for month #4.    That was enough.   No more milkshakes in a blender with water.


Today...I am still 6 foot 1 inch tall and I weight 195 pounds.    Don't really know how it happened but I have been this weight since April 2008.   Mean time,  I have corresponded with friends of mine who have done the Nutrisystem challenge and almost universally discovered that the weight they lost was water they peed out  when they started counting calories.


This is just my experience with Nutrisystem.  Somebody with a lot more discipline who obviously hates to eat and is 15 years younger than me probably has a different take.


And NO.....I don't do Nutrisystem  anymore.

#2 mex


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Posted 14 May 2017 - 02:19 AM

careful wilkie... oc might not like you any more if he finds out you needed to lose weight  :lol:


to me, weight loss is about 2 things: exercise, and will power.


exercise, to burn calories that are normally not being burned


will power, to stay away from higher calorie foods


if you do both, you'll lose weight guaranteed.


keep your body guessing


mix it up


that's how you lose weight


keeping it off requires making this a lifestyle choice... that's where most people lose the battle


they hit their weight goal, and get into the mentality that hitting the goal ends the diet


once they go 'back to normal' the weight starts coming back

#3 Semo


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Posted 14 May 2017 - 12:19 PM

Exercise is important, but 75% of losing weight is what, and how much, you eat.  Consume less calories than you are burning off.  Limit carb intake.  To lose weight, and keep it off, requires a lifestyle change in your eating and activity habits.


This is from someone who knows how to succeed, and fail, at it.

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