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TOS & Board Rules

Notice: Rules are subject to change. By being here you agree to the following, whether you read this or not. This is a private board and is intended for mature audiences... or at least immature audiences who are of legal age.

Rule 0 - treat other members with respect.

Rule 1 - please find ways to disagree without the immature namecalling. Unless it makes us laugh.  Mods are the arbitrator on what is funny.  

Rule 2 - threats to the board or other members are not acceptable, either on the forums or by PM. No strikes, you're just out.

Rule 3a - CTO is for talking Chiefs football only (you know "Chiefs Talk Only", CTO, get it? good.).  CTO is NOT for solving the world's problems. If a thread degenerates into a political discussion or religious discussion or whatever, it will be moved to the Locker Room (the LR).

Rule 3b - there are other forums. If your thread is not about the Chiefs please start them in another forum, such as NFL, the LR or even general discussion.

Rule 4 - 1 account per person. Posting under multiple accounts will get all of them banned.

Rule 5 - Play nice or leave.  Just remember rule 0 a d you'll be fine.

Rule 6 - if you leave and announce you are leaving loudly, do not expect us to allow you back in.  No hovering over the board after you leave.  Please just leave.  If you burned bridges on the way out, we will ban the road you drove here on.

Rule 7 - if you came here to troll, please keep on truckin'.  (please note we do reserve the collective right to keep some trolls as pets).

Rule 8 - We always appreciate our members helping donate to board costs.  Frankly we have the greatest members on the internets.  However, donations do not entitle you to ignore board rules.  Please remember that.

IF all that sits well with you, you'll love this place and find the best Chiefs talk on the world wide interwebs.  Welcome aboard!

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